Volunteer training at GBCC is a thorough, supportive, and fulfilling process, designed to give each peer counselor the experience they are seeking. University Students work with GBCC to receive real-life training, in addition to their classroom studies. Retirees join GBCC to help others who may be struggling. Volunteering is a wonderful way to give back to our community!

How it Works

New peer counselors that are interviewed and invited to join the agency begin a 10-week training program provided by the Supervising Social Worker on staff.  New peer counselors are taught basic skills, as well as necessary tools to handle domestic violence, trauma, couples counseling, grief and loss, and other life events. After that training is completed, the peer counselor is monitored closely to determine their readiness for a particular client or treatment concern.

Each week, client issues are discussed anonymously in a group setting. All peer counselors, new and veteran alike, as well as their supervisors, pool their vast wealth of knowledge and experience to provide insight and knowledge into the counseling process, and to formulate the best plan of action for the peer counselors to use in working with their clients.  On-going workshops and special topic training sessions are provided to volunteer peer counselors during the year.